Write an unusual incident report

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Write an unusual incident report

The police were trying to book her into jail, but Solo was so combative that she had to be forced to the ground, prompting her to yell at one officer"You're such a b You're scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I'd kick your ass. Those details are laid out in police records, and coupled with two sworn depositions obtained by Outside the Lines, other documents and interviews with one of Solo's alleged victims, they shed new light on what happened that night write an unusual incident report her half-sister's home in suburban Seattle.

An incident report is a formal recording of the facts related to an incident. The report usually relates to an accident or injury that has occurred on the worksite, but it can also pertain to any unusual worksite occurrences, especially near misses. REPORT OF SUSPECTED DEPENDENT ADULT/ELDER FINANCIAL ABUSE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS ONLY GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS PURPOSE OF THE FORM This form is to be used by officers and employees of financial institutions (“mandated reporter(s)”) to report suspected. 11 thoughts on “ Type 2 Sample Report ” Shawn Adams June 12, at pm. it was Friday April 9Th, that i, officer Thomas Adams, was dispatched a burglary at Powell Street at approximately am. i met with the victim, Frank Gaines, who reported the incident.

The information stands in stark contrast to the image Solo has presented in court papers, on Facebook, in an espnW article this week and, most pointedly, during a February appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America.

Hope Solo's half-sister, Teresa Obert, says the fact that Solo has blamed her son for the incident has most likely ruined their relationship forever. It wasn't entirely accurate. In fact, as the year-old Solo prepares to lead the United States into Monday's opening-round match of the World Cup, her case is not over; the facts have never been aired in open court, and she has not been cleared.

Rather, Solo's case in Kirkland Municipal Court was dismissed by Judge Michael Lambo on procedural grounds, and prosecutors, in a rare move that required city administrator approval, have filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Washington.

Prosecutors are scheduled to file their argument by July 13, with the defense due to respond by Aug. Oral arguments are scheduled for Sept. Over several weeks, Solo declined multiple interview requests for this story.

At a recent press conference promoting the World Cup, Outside the Lines asked her about the case. I have great teammates behind me, a great coaching staff, and I'm just honestly really excited for my third World Cup. In it, Solo again denied assaulting anyone and spoke of her frustration with media coverage of the incident and how she has been portrayed: She feels stupid, she says, palming tears from her cheeks.

For what happened, yes, but more for trusting people she now views as poisonous. And then, 'I should have known.

There was a time, Obert says, when she and Solo were best friends, when she wouldn't have missed this Women's World Cup tournament in Canada for anything. But it was Obert and her thenyear-old son -- Solo's nephew -- who were the alleged victims in the domestic violence case. And now, Obert says, after enduring not only a beating at the hands of her sister, but, worse still, watching Solo appear on national television and paint her son as the aggressor, that relationship is over.

Trailed by controversy during her record-breaking career, soccer star Hope Solo heads to her third World Cup searching for her better self.

Story Obert, 43, says she never wanted anything bad to happen to her sister, that she was hoping the case would go away and that prosecutors wouldn't press charges.

write an unusual incident report

She imagined Solo might come out of jail and apologize, and then everybody could get on with their lives. But Obert says she became compelled to speak extensively for the first time about that night because Solo has continued to cast herself as a victim.

The "Good Morning America" appearance, she says, was the last straw. Obert's son, who recently turned 18 but whom ESPN is not naming because he was a minor at the time of the incident, declined to be interviewed by Outside the Lines.

He's big, 6-foot-8, pounds, and Solo, who is 5-foot-9, pounds, invoked her nephew's size to make her case to GMA -- something she would state again to espnW. I was struck over the head, and concussed pretty severely. It was a very scary night. I was very upset. It never had anything to do with size.

She has tried to make him feel small his whole life. She's a trained athlete. Had the case proceeded to trial and the witnesses been cross-examined under oath subject to the penalty of perjury, the defense would have proven that Teresa's son, not Hope, was the true aggressor, and that Hope suffered a concussion as a result of her nephew's unlawful conduct.

On June 20, the Oberts went out to dinner and then to a park with other family members before arriving home around 10 p. There, they found Solo parked outside their house, alone in her car. Obert wasn't surprised to see her sister.

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She said Solo had called Obert while the family was at the park, telling them she was upset because she had been fighting with her husband, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens. Solo's relationship with Obert and her son had become unsettled in the past couple years, and the teenager was not happy to see his aunt.

But Obert asked him to try be helpful, and together they got into Solo's car. Editor's Picks Solo again will face domestic violence charges Star goalkeeper Hope Solo will again face domestic violence charges after a Washington state appeals court on Friday reversed a lower court's decision to dismiss the case.

Eventually, she was convinced to come inside the house. Once inside, Solo called her coach to explain that she wouldn't be arriving as scheduled and changed her flight, Obert and her son each said in their depositions.IIRC, Aviation Week & Space Technology had an article confirming the Vela incident as a joint Israeli-South African device test sometimes in the late 80s or earlier 90s.

UNUSUAL INCIDENT INJURY and DEATH REPORTING CERTIFIED OUT OF STATE GROUP HOMES. 2 abuse or neglect must report the suspected incident. The mandated reporter must contact a designated agency Report Unusual Incident/Injury and Death to: CDSS.

Security Breach Incident - X On /. /, SCP Site 19 breached by operatives from an organization known to the Foundation only as ‘The Serpent’s Hand’. Site Breach: The breach of Site seems to have been the second of two break ins into SCP properties by, known to the foundation as “L.S.”.” This individual was responsible for a previous security breach, having coordinated.

The latest travel information, deals, guides and reviews from USA TODAY Travel. May 16,  · How to Write an Incident Report. If you're a security guard or police officer deployed to the scene of an incident, writing up a detailed and accurate report is an important part of doing your job correctly.

A good incident report gives a 80%(90). Remember – if reporting to the police, Action Fraud or the National Crime Agency, you should also make a serious incident report to the Commission, following the advice below.

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