Movie critique of mean girls

Zip Files Mean Massage Full Review What starts out as a pleasant afternoon at the massage parlour ends up being a living hell for the guys at Mean Massage. This site skilfully mixes the sensual massage theme with that of feminine domination and BDSM. She gets him tied down and often gagged or blindfolded and sure enough, gives him a massage. They are neatly made and simply shot, with decent sound and lighting and with some very sexy girls in charge.

Movie critique of mean girls

Add your rating See all 68 kid reviews. Jo Mitchell Meaghan Martin is perpetually the new girl in school. Usually, Jo keeps to herself, but when she stands up to a trio of girls who rule the school -- queen bee Mandi Maiara Walshvapid sexpot Chastity Claire Holtand well-dressed germaphobe Hope Nicole Gale Anderson -- she finds herself the target of their mean-girl viciousness.

Confusing matters is the class' wealthy wallflower, Abby Jennifer Stonewhose rich father offers Jo college tuition in exchange for befriending Abby. Jo accepts the deal and winds up becoming best friends with Abby, falling for Mandi's sweet stepbrother Tyler Diego Gonzalez Boneta and eventually rivaling the Plastics for social control of the school.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Anyone who's seen the original Tina Fey -penned, Lindsay Lohan -starring comedy will know pretty much exactly what's happening from the opening credits.

But Jo, unlike Lohan's Cady, doesn't become one of the Plastics; she creates her own Anti-Plastics clique that takes on the alpha girls.

But otherwise, the clique's name is the same, the girls fall into the same exact stereotypes one dim, promiscuou blond a la Amanda Seyfried and one high-strung, brunette fashionista like Lacey Chabertand the story arc about the protagonist becoming a little too much like the Mean Girls is the same as well.

It would have been better if the writers had come up with a more original story that didn't ape the original as much.

The actors are all small-screen alums who know the drill, and Tim Meadows reprises his role as a principal who kinda hates the students but can't really do anything to stop their appalling behavior. Parts of the movie are a bit ridiculous what upper-middle-class school allows toy dogs or blatant bullying?

Every school has its Mean Girls and Mean Guysand it's worthwhile to see this with your teens and tweens and then gauge how they handle clique worship and exclusivity.

And if you haven't seen the original, definitely give it a go; it looks like a master class compared to this TV-fied version. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about the "mean girls" phenomenon.

How do your kids deal with them at their school? In this movie, why do girls get called a "bitch" nastily if they have boyfriends or a "virgin" nastily if they haven't gone all the way? Is it OK to make fun of people for their sexual experience or lack thereof?

What kinds of expectations are there around sexuality in your school? The Plastics are materialistic and brand-obsessed. How do high-schoolers handle consumerism when it comes to cars and clothes -- especially if they can't afford to buy what's designer and trendy?Mean Girls movie times and local cinemas near (Ridgewood, NJ).

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Then the plastics get ahold of her. The plastics are a clique made up of three "mean girls" and are lead by the meanest Regina.

Movie critique of mean girls

Cady splits time for a while, being both a bitch and herself%(). Apr 30,  · Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

IMDb Mobile site Follow IMDb on7/10(K). Lohan is a warm and engaging presence, but she's completely outshone by the bad girls, and when they're offscreen, Mean Girls is an oddly restrained, barely plotted movie%(39).

Mar 30,  · On a very special episode of Cult Film in Review, we’re taking it back to high school. We all know that Mean Girls has been a fan favorite for years, but is it a cult film? We’ll let you know what we think, along with a detailed review of this millennial classic.

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review

Make sure to [ ]. Movie reviews for Mean Girls 2. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer.

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