Kudzu a foreign enemy

Kudzu growing on trees in GeorgiaUnited States Kudzu plants near Canton, Georgia Ecological damage and roles[ edit ] Kudzu's environmental and ecological damage results from its outcompeting other species for a resource. Kudzu competes with native flora for light, and acts to block their access to this vital resource by growing over them and shading them with its leaves. Native plants may then die as a result. The cultivation covered over one million acres of kudzu.

Kudzu a foreign enemy

What do you do with a tenacious foreign invader that grows a foot a day and threatens to suffocate the entire South? For goats at least, the answer is plain: Until cool weather presaged the fall livestock auctions last week, a herd of 20 goateed "girls" - including Nibbler, Suki, and Layla - chewed to their hearts' content through a forest of kudzu on the campus of North Carolina State University, pulling down the unruly Japanese vines and devouring leaves, stems, and roots as though they were a Thursday night special at the local diner.

Having taken root in an area the size of New Hampshire and coveting anotheracres each year, kudzu - innocently imported from Japan years ago - is now an official enemy of state.

As a Kudzu a foreign enemy, the iron-jawed goat has found its niche in a South that's looking for a hero to fight the creeping, tenacious, broad-leafed invader. Could you pass a US citizenship test?

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But thanks to emerging research on their browsing habits - as well as vastly improved portable fences to hold them in - goats are slowly gaining acceptance as environmentally friendly "bio-agents" that fight noxious vines at their root.

And they're palatable beyond their pruning prowess: Researchers are hoping that the use of goats for kudzu control may coincide with the South's growing market for goat meat - a result of the immigration of Hispanics, Indians, and other goat-eating people into the area.

Raising goats "is just coming into the clear because of a shift in the population dynamics - and goat consumption is part of that changing demographic," says Errol Rhoden, who studies goats at Alabama's Tuskegee University.

Noxious, nutritious, tenacious Introduced as a porch shade for Southern gents and ladies, kudzu has spread like the weed it is, reaching as far north as New York and as far west as Illinois.

But soon the servant became the master. Inthe federal government reversed its stance on kudzu, calling it a "noxious weed" to be fought at every turn. Now, draped like verdant shawls across power poles and pine trees, American kudzu is a weed of forests and fence rows, roadsides and rights of way.

Kudzu a foreign enemy

Today, it's usually only roadways that are cleared, with expensive - and often ineffective - herbicides. In several western Alabama counties, farmers are using herds of goats to clear kudzu-covered pastures.

Southeastern Geographer The target is the Asian stink bug, which has been crawling inside Maryland homes all winter. Most likely brought here in a shipping container from Asia five years ago, the brown marmorated stink bug has spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
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In the North Carolina mountains, landowners use goats to clear another annoying Japanese invader: Although it has just a few plots of kudzuMissouri just made it a law that landowners must eradicate kudzu or face up to a year in jail.

One Missouri man has put 35 goats to work on his vines to comply. And what of the temptation to sell kudzu-fattened goats at auction?

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Here on campus, the herd moved between three browsing plots, easily taking not only ground cover, but chewing through vines that were well over 40 feet tall.

Nibbler, Suki, and Layla were sold last week to a couple of Raleigh landowners who needed their kudzu-munching services. But next year, they'll be back.Mar 02,  · BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Looking for a natural born killer to go after a foreign invader.

The target is the Asian stink bug, which has been crawling inside Maryland homes all winter. It will then explain the different types of foreign aid and therein discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

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Robbie Gonzalez. 8/22/11 pm. Filed to What they failed to mention at the Exposition was just how fast they meant when they said Kudzu was "fast. Clemson student finds possible natural enemy of kudzu bugs Denise Attaway, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences; Public Service and Agriculture March 8, A species profile for Kudzu from USDA's National Invasive Species Information Center.

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