Gabe mcclintock editing services

He did not agree with the idea of selling empowerment while offering hair and makeup and then applying skin smoothing and Photoshop to make the client look like nothing they actually look like in their daily lives. Another reason McClintock notes for his transition is due to boudoir being such a change of pace from weddings.

Gabe mcclintock editing services

This past September makes it 7 years of shooting weddings together.

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Being wedding photographers in Colorado sounds like a cakewalk to most in the industry. Mountain ranges, fields of wild flowers, wildlife, rustic ranches and clean backgrounds everywhere.

You learn to embrace the hard light and difficult logistics and shoot the moments in between. Our kit has evolved over the years, and while it still seems a bit heavy loading it into the truck, we really only need a few bits and pieces to make pictures on a wedding day.

The files are great. It operates faster than I can. The AF is quick. Two years ago, I convinced myself the weight and size would be fine. More protein and hit the gym… but it only took a few weddings of Stacy killing it on the dance floor to realize that two bricks swinging from my side all day was wearing on me.

It causes me to slow down, look for a photo, snap it, and be done with it… versus digital, where you might fill up a card in an evening and never get around to sorting it. I also develop the BW film myself, which is a nice break at times.

I then scan it and make a few prints.Such services are indicated additionally and will also cost you a couple of hundreds, depending on the amount of work. To simplify your work, you can outsource your photo editing for $0,14 per photo or $99 per wedding to FixThePhoto team.

VIEW MORE. Photographed by Gabe McClintock. McClintock shoots alone, outsourcing his editing to Aussie-based RAW Digital & Film Lab, which helps him keep up with his workflow (though he usually caps his weddings at 20 per year, McClintock is now taking on more to contend with demand).

gabe mcclintock editing services

/r/postprocessing is for help with editing your photo, linking to information about post processing, and sharing tips with the community. To share a picture, visit /r/photocritique, or /r/pics. See more of Gabe McClintock Photography on Facebook. Log In. or. Gabe was so relaxed and he was such a team player as we worked together to create lasting memories for this couple at Spruce Meadows.

I would highly recommend his services as a photographer and a a professional in this industry.

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