Cannot use paranthesis when calling a sub

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Cannot use paranthesis when calling a sub

May 17, I have a datagrid with a list of items. Each item has an url for a picture. For each item I have to download the picture from the url, and then show it in the grid. This takes quite a long time, and freezes my application while running.

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Is it possible to do this in the background, while allowing the user to take other actions? For example, scrolling down the list to see the items that have been loaded.

Or clicking on an item in the list, which calls another function. Maybe doing something on a different form. And doing this while the list continues to load in the background. Nov 24, I have few columns in a datagridview,out of which one is of type Button and another is of TextBox which is hidden.

When the user clicks on the button in the columni want to execute the function whose name is written in the corresponding column. Below is the original ' Project name: Harvey Industries Project ' Project purpose: The project calculates an employee's weekly net pay. The purpose is to delete a specified file on this server.

Feb 9, I can't seem to get one of my functions to work based on a timer. Every tick of the timer, I'm trying to call a function which will start periodically taking screen shots until the 'Finish' button is pressed. However, I've run into numerous errors and wondered if anyone could give me any insight or suggestions.

Here is what I have so far. I create query in dataset like this: If i create databound from dataset and drag n drop date field in form with datetimepicker control, if i had update dataset, date field is empty.

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Whats wrong with datetimepicket databound. The function is supposed to change the values and then return the answers in one structured value. Here is my code I placed question marks were i am really lost. Feb 25, I have a 2 dimensional array of groupboxes that I use to populate a form setup so the first indice is a tab number and the second is the groupbox number.

The user can dynamically add tabs to the tabcontrol but I need to add and populate groupboxes to the new tabpage and I can use existing groupbox data in the array for default values. I understand I have to code a deep clone of the source groupbox as it has textboxes in it so I want to add a cloneGBox function that returns a new, populated groupbox when I pass in the x,y indices for the source groupbox in my array.

The code i create it not working because every time i convert the function it will show 0 as answer.Nov 07,  · This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Cannot use paranthesis when calling a sub

Learn more. SQL & PL/SQL:: Function Batch - Cannot Perform DML Operation Inside A Query Oct 8, Am calling the Function Batch to insert an update statemtnt into Batch_statement table in the its failing with the error.

passing variables to a function. getting error:cannot use parenthesis when calling a sub. 1. Cannot use parentheses when calling a sub vb.

0. Windows TS: Terminate tasks of users with client name XYZ. 1. VBScript FolderExists on Network Path returns False. Hot Network Questions. Aug 16,  · "Cannot Use Parenthesis When Calling a Sub" As always, nobody try to understand you, as you also ignoring that it's saying in warring to you:) because you are calling a function in vbs wrong way, so right way to do so is: call MyFunc(param1,param2) or just: MyFunc param1, param2.

Modules: A module is a set of functions that perform related operations. A simple program consists of one file; i.e., one module. More complex programs are built of several modules.

Modules have two parts: the public interface, which gives a user all the information necessary to use the module; and the private section, which actually does the work. Notice how I use s,pattern,replacement, instead of s/pattern/replacement/, I did it to avoid interference with the / in \0/.

Example The shell then runs the above command sed with the next arguments (assuming pattern=bert and

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