A review of the punic wars

This is derived from Poeni Carthaginians and refers to the Carthaginian heritage as Phoenician colonists. First, the Latin League was forcibly dissolved during the Latin War[3] then the power of the Samnites was broken during the three prolonged Samnite wars[4] and then the Greek cities of Magna Graecia southern Italy submitted to Roman power at the conclusion of the Pyrrhic War.

A review of the punic wars

It comprised three officially declared wars and lasted from BC. Naturally enough, Goldsworthy divides the book into three parts corresponding to the three wars, and I will follow suit in this review.

First though, as in all histories of the Ancient World, a note on sources — or, better, their lack. We truly have only a handful of sources, and the closest in time to the periods under discussion Polybius breaks off at Cannae and only survives in fragments thereafter.

Beyond that all surviving sources are Roman or pro-Roman though we know of at least two histories written by Greeks who traveled with Hannibal. Unfortunately, archaeology is of little help since the politics of the period, the organization of armies, the economies, and all that other interesting stuff is not preserved in the rock strata.

Despite these handicaps, Prof. Nevertheless, both sides found themselves drawn into a direct confrontation over the disposition of Sicily. Goldsworthy argues that the escalation was largely the result of the nature of Roman politics.

Thus to win glory and honor, magistrates were compelled to move quickly, and the consuls forClaudius Caudex and Fulvius Flaccus, saw opportunities in Sicily. The first was the nature of the armies involved. The Carthaginians relied almost entirely on mercenaries, primarily Spanish, Numidian and Libyan.

While individual units may have been well-trained and led, the armies as a whole were composites where communication between units was difficult and coordination awkward.

In contrast, the force he led at Zama had only been marshaled recently, lacking the esprit de corps that his Italian army enjoyed. Roman armies, on the other hand, though made up of citizen conscripts and allies, were far more homogeneous and spoke related languages so communication was easier.

Beyond that, they were highly trained to work together. Thus, what was a standard, Hellenistic style war to the Carthaginians was an existential threat to the Romans.

They lose 50, men at Cannae? They recruit younger and older men and reconstitute the legions! Hannibal appears before the walls of Rome?

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A review of the punic wars

More essays like this: the romans, the punic wars, the carthagins. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

the romans, the punic wars, the carthagins. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibinkaja-net.com To review: from to BCE, the Romans fought a series of three wars with the rival state of Carthage. These wars are collectively called the Punic Wars. The first Punic War was over kaja-net.com Adrian Goldsworthy is a highly-regarded young British historian and, on the basis of his immensely readable Punic Wars, it's easy to see kaja-net.com book more than lives up to its glowing cover blurb from the great military historian John Keegan and, in fact, reminds one of his own work as Mr.

Goldsworthy renders what might be confusing battle scenes with admirable kaja-net.com  · Punic Wars, also called Carthaginian Wars, (– bce), a series of three wars between the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian (Punic) empire, resulting in the destruction of Carthage, the enslavement of its population, and Roman hegemony over the western kaja-net.com://kaja-net.com The Punic Wars were a clash of two growing societies and their aspirations for supremacy of Mediterranean.

The two polities was the growing Roman republic and the African commercial city of Carthage. The Punic Wars were not just a battle of two significant powers, kaja-net.com

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