A concept map of male partners

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A concept map of male partners

Partnership formation Recruitment of partners JOGG Veghel resulted from a joint initiative of the municipality and 2 large companies in Veghel. Both the municipality and the companies regarded JOGG as a promising approach and a good way to generate positive national publicity for both the municipality and the companies.

Subsequently, other companies were approached and asked to participate in JOGG. Initially, 4 major food companies were willing to participate. These companies and the municipality determined the scope of the program, its initial goals, and the contribution of the companies.

A concept map of male partners

The network of participating private partners enlarged when the Contact-group Veghel Companies CVOan organization representing the interests of approximately medium-sized and large companies in Veghel, decided to participate.

However, this cooperation has not yet resulted in active involvement of new private partners in the partnership. The private partners reported that the preexisting strong network in Veghel and good relationships between the companies were important contributing factors for engaging new private partners: Veghel has a business climate where companies have much contact with each other and the partners know each other well.

Because most of the public partners work in service of the municipality, and thanks to preexisting activities related to obesity prevention in Veghel in which public partners cooperated, involving these public partners in JOGG was easy.

First, participating in JOGG was considered as a suitable way to fill in the CSR policy of private partners, especially because most companies had health issues included in this CSR policy. In addition, the food companies felt a certain responsibility for the overweight problem in youth.

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This rationale also applied to the public partners. They wanted to stimulate a healthy lifestyle as part of their caring role. Both public and private partners mentioned the proven effectiveness of the EPODE approach as a motivating factor, and these partners considered JOGG to be a promising approach.

One potential private partner, however, had no faith in this approach and decided not to participate: Private partners considered a good relationship with the municipality to be important, because Veghel is where the head offices of their companies are located.

A concept map of male partners

For the public partners, strengthened contact with the municipality and the private partners was considered useful, and participation in the partnership facilitated their access to private partners. For schools, these contacts could be used to create internships for their students. Some private partners contribute to JOGG financially a structural amount per year or through the supply of materials and goods.

Companies agree not to use their financial contribution to JOGG for their own profit, and they cannot use participation in JOGG to promote their products. Private and public partners also contribute by providing manpower and knowledge. Representatives of the private and public partners participate in the steering, project, or working groups of JOGG.

Public partners also are involved in the implementation of interventions. The municipality provides the project leader of JOGG, who coordinates the program.

Partnership functioning The collaboration of the public and private partners with the municipality was judged in various ways. The drive of the municipality to make the project successful and the enthusiasm and passion of the project leader were judged positive.

Especially for the private partners, the shared responsibility between the municipality and the public and private partners was a reason to remain involved in the project.

Withdrawal of other partners was a potential reason for ending participation in the partnership. The public partners would appreciate more collaboration with the private partners in executing interventions. Management and communication within the collaboration were most often mentioned as areas for improvement by the private and public partners.

The private partners indicated that the management could be more decisive, and public partners preferred to have more guidance on the content area. The success of JOGG was not a primary concern for these partners, so having decisive management and good communication is essential to keeping these partners involved.

The various partners indicated that they heard little about the progress and were not informed about the status of JOGG. With this method, opinions of different people are mapped, stepwise, into a pictorial representation of the ideas of the group relative to the topic at hand In Veghel, 15 stakeholders were involved through participation in a brainstorming session to gather statements about individual JOGG objectivesexecution of individual tasks rating and prioritizing all objectivesand discussion and interpretation of results.

The final concept map comprised 74 different statements about local JOGG objectives, showed how these objectives were related statements were collapsed into 7 clustersand showed the relative importance of each cluster.Employees a concept-mapping procedure to develop a classification of young men who have been responsible for one or more teen pregnancies.

Results confirm that it is possible to cluster these men into different types according to . This study employed Trochim's (; n.d.) concept-mapping procedure to capitalize on the expertise of those people likely to have the best real-world understanding of pregnant teens and their partners: teachers, counselors, and case workers who work directly with them.

Employees a concept-mapping procedure to develop a classification of young men who have been responsible for one or more teen pregnancies. Results confirm that it is possible to cluster these men into different types according to their motivations and other attributes.

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Get access to over 12 million other articles! Final cluster map (n = 7) showing community influences on male partner violence perpetration in relation to the socio-ecological model.

The 78 statements that were generated, sorted, and rated by the participants comprise the clusters and are indicated by numbered points on the map.


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